Oct 13

Hilton says she is a businesswoman

Paris Hilton, the ‘occasional’ actress and socialite sees herself as a businesswoman and a brand and not just a DJ which she prefers just because she loves to party.

The thirty two year old blond heiress, who has her very own line of accessories and apparel sold in fifty shops across the world, told that she does several things. She does not consider herself as a DJ. She considers herself as a businesswoman – she is a brand, an artist, a singer and a designer.

Previous month, the Hilton lady was in Singapore for a DJ event where she came late. She reached the place at around 1.30 am, which was one and a half hours late than scheduled time. She reached t he place in a sexy, short and elegant black lace attire made by New York label Alice + Olivia as well as signature Chanel leather gloves. She completed her look with sparkly silver nails, dewy skin and curled hair.

Hilton told that DJing is something that she does because she loves to party, love to make people dance, have fun, smile, have a good time and it is something that she is good at. She learned the skills of DJing from her friend DJ AM. Pairs made her debut in DJing at last year’s Pop Music Festival in Brazil when she was offer a chance to close for United States pop singer Jennifer Lopez. Later she told that she had so much fun there.

Aug 13

Home in Malibu robbed for 7th time

Paris Hilton’s Malibu house was the subject of felony for the 7th time. While the American socialite partied with her friends at her house previous weekend, a group of female misfits stole purses, bikinis as well as snaps from her bedroom.

On Sunday, Paris, tweeted: “I have bad luck when it comes to thieves,”

In another tweet, the 32 year old heiress said: “They tried to steal my new collection of Paris Hilton purses from my Malibu house.”

But the thieves did not get far as they were seen by another invitee and left Paris’ belongings in the road. No police report was registered till now. Her Malibu house has been robbed 6 times earlier. Same incidents at her Hollywood Hills house were the inspiration behind “The Bling Ring” as a bunch of teenagers reportedly got away with Hilton’s jewelry as well as a number of designer dresses worth US$ 2 million from 2008 to 2009.

While Paris Hilton made a cameo in that movie, it is not a funny matter when it really affects her real life. After all these things, she still prepared to continue living at her Malibu mansion.

In a previous interview, Paris told that when it first happened, she already had many other experiences at other homes she had lived at in Hollywood Hills with people climbing her gates, stalkers as well as tour buses full of people driving by. She has always been used to these things. But living in a gated community is the safest place one could live in Los Angeles even though it happened to her and it was scary, she just had to up the security in and around her house with cameras, laser beams as well as other high tech system.

May 13

Paris Hilton goes on shopping

An heiress’ life is certainly glamorous, there is no doubt on that. Before going to the Cannes Film Festival, socialite Paris Hilton fitted in a day’s shopping on Monday in Beverly Hills. The thirty two year old socialite selected a more classic appearance in a Diane Von Furstenberg summer attire that is reminiscent of 60s California glamor.

Paris Hilton tweeted: ‘Shopping and running around Beverly Hills getting ready for my trip to Cannes tomorrow,’

‘Can’t wait! I love the South of France.’

The elegant dress was donned for a lovely stroll through the streets of Beverly Hills as the ex-reality television star enjoyed some time with herself. The modest US$ 345 silk jersey attire featured a white and purple print, a spread collar along with a wrap front, long sleeves, surplice neckline, self tie belt as well as slight A line skirt.

The blonde revealed her tanned legs in a pair of cream colored high heeled shoes. Finishing her delicate look was a white colored handbag as well as white framed pair of shades with a Jackie O flair.

The party girl’s attitude totally matched the modern getup as she carried a self-contented smile throughout her jaunt in the upper-class neighborhood.

Recently she told that it is every woman’s dream and the meaning of life to have kids and have a family one day. At present, Paris is in a relationship with River Viiperi, 21, and Paris told that she is so in love with River and she is very lucky that she has met him.

Mar 13

Winners work hard to succeed

Paris Hilton has now handed some insight into her success by tweeting her ten million plus followers regarding how winners works very hard to achieve it when others just dream. The thirty two year old socialite-turned-entrepreneur is American hotel tycoon Conrad Hilton’s great-granddaughter and she could have easily sat on multi billion dollar money he built.

Instead she twirl her name into a launching her very own lines of stationary, footwear, handbags, bedding watches, perfumes as well as other other beauty and fashion products. In the year 2011, it was reported by a media house that Paris was earning ten million dollar in a single year from seventeen different product lines. It is hardly any surprise that Paris does not carry low tolerance for others who are not as driven as herself.

Recently, she tweeted: “While most are dreaming of success, winners wake-up and work hard to achieve it,”

It also appears that the socialite-turned-entrepreneur was actually feeling inspired throughout the whole day. Earlier in the day, she posted a quote from The Notebook actress Sasha Azevedo. She tweeted: “Too many people go through life waiting for things to happen instead of making them happen!”

Well, some may differ with Paris’ views because she hit the limelight with her sex tape with her ex boyfriend Rick Solomon. While speaking to a British anchor, she told that she would have to live with that for the rest of her life and explain it to her children. And it is something that has changed her life forever and she would never be able to erase it.

Feb 13

Paris Hilton drinks nutritional supplement

She might not be the most wanted tool in the box, but at least Paris Hilton is trying to meliorate her brain power. According to reports, the socialite has been spotted drinking brain stimulating liquid when she went for a shopping with her lover River Viiperi on Wednesday.

31 year old Paris was looking very stylish and beautiful as always as she went on a routine trip to the local Bristol Farms shop. Even though, the reality television star made all the efforts to meliorate her brain power while filling her bags with food items.

It was clear that Paris Hilton wanted to give the job of browsing shopping gangway her full attention as she sipped on a Neuro Sonic bottle.

It was lucky for her that the nutritional juice has just thirty five calories in each bottle; therefore, Paris Hilton was able to feed her grey matter as well as keep her trim body at the same time. She really appeared magnificent in her black colored playsuit that she paired with large sunglasses and leather jacket.

Paris might be doing quit well in fashion world but recently she was red-faced after being kicked out of Sundance film festival. A close source told a leading website that actor Redford was really angry with Paris Hilton and River Viiperi. Redford in fact asked Paris did not have anything to do with the movies.

Jan 13

Paris Hilton is happy to know about Kim’s pregnancy

Paris Hilton, who recently donated all her unwanted cloths to a charity, is happy to know that Kim Kardashian is pregnant. She has pot a full stop to her fued with TV reality star Kim Kardashian and wished her for her first child. Kim is 12 weeks pregnant with her first child with Kanye West.

An insider recently reported that the hotel heiress is really for Kim. When a friend broke this news to her when Paris was shopping and she appeared very happy. Kim and Paris had a huge rivalry, mainly because of their lifestyles and career paths which is really similar.

According to reports, they recently made up all their differences. In fact, they were spotted together at a friend’s party and also at an event in Miami.

On the other had Kim’s brother Rob, who recently broke up with Rita Ora, has also expressed her joy to the news. Rob told that it is really a good news. It is a blessing. Another child coming to their family. It is more special as the baby’s news came on the eve of the new year.

Kim’s brother also hinted that his sister would not tie the knot with Kanye West anytime soon. Kim is still legally married to basketball player Kris Humphries. At this point of time, Kim would just like to concentrate on her motherhood. Rob told that they are all now focusing on the baby and not marriage.

Nov 12

Paris Hilton Will Be Cast In a New Movie

The heiress has been cast in a movie at present and is busy shooting in Cappadocia, Turkey. Yarmani, the young Turkish boy will be starring opposite Paris. He will begin shooting next week and will continue for three weeks.

It is quite frightening to think that River Viiperi is going to be isolated for three weeks given his hotness. The media hopes that no one makes an entry and engages him totally.  Paris has left already and her fans are eagerly waiting for her movie to get released.

The last time she was spotted at the LAX airport as she was moving out to Las Vegas. But she features an expressionless face. She was seen wearing a printed playsuit in blue, white and black which outlined her best features quite distinctly.

She complemented her outfit with pointed toe blue and silver heels and a statement neck piece and aviator shades. Paris has set on her trip to Las Vegas for having fun with her girl friends after spending along time with her boyfriend. Hilton and River Viiperi appeared at Halloween Party sporting costumes of Batman and Robin.

Oct 12

Paris Hilton earned $1 million

The latest buzz all over is Paris Hilton’s Korean pop video. Hilton was paid $1 million to star in a Korean pop music video. It took two days to shoot the music video and for those two days she was paid $1 million. Can you guys imagine? The news arrived as a bomb blast all over the world. The socialite who herself released albums before is appearing in a music video for the first time.

She went to shoot for the music video in Malibu for Kim Jang Hoon where she was found in a bathing suit accompanied by heels. She was wondering here and there around a dazzling beach in a white color flowery gown in that two day shoot. Kim’s agency told a private news channel that they have considered several Hollywood actresses like Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson and many more for this role. But finally Paris Hilton agreed for the role of lead actress in Kim’s music video. A survey conducted in Korea showed that Hilton was the well-known one and so we decided to choose her. She fitted the role much better than the other Hollywood actresses.

Paris recently tweeted after posting a picture of her with Kim saying Love these pics of her and Kim and also added that he is a nice guy and funny too. Paris enjoyed every moment shooting with her. The video has been shot in 3D and is schedule to be released on 4th October. Paris has recently entered into some new business areas which include her first men’s fragrance.

Aug 12

Paris Hilton gets a new man

It seems that Paris Hilton has got someone new in her life. Recently, the thirty – one year old hotel heiress was seen with the same dark-haired handsome guy for a 2nd day running as she relished into Corsica’s beauty during her summer break.
According to reports, the name of the guy is Frederick. The couple was not as romantic as they were spotted yesterday. Even though there was hardly any romance, but still, they appeared as a couple.

Today, the hotel heiress dumped her sparkly black bikini and elected to go for a more coy 70s attire along with a matching hat. The pair took in the atmosphere of the beauty spot and chit-chatted with friends.

Even though the pair was joined by a big group of people, but they were quite close to each other all the time. Paris Hilton, who frequently update her Twitter page to let her followers know what she is into, failed to tell the name of the new guy in her life.

Hilton is in Europe for vacation since 22nd July. Already, he has visited Cannes, Ibiza and St Tropez with younger sister Nicky Hilton and several other friends.

Last week, Paris partied with Chris Brown, the controversial R&B singer, and his fiancé Karrueche Tran. The news of her new affection comes after the rumors that she was dating DJ Afrojack. However, Paris told that she the Dutch DJ was just helping her with new music. Her previous serious relationship was with Cy Waits, but they split in the middle of 2011.

Jul 12

Paris Hilton is focusing on her DJ career

Paris Hilton has always proved that there is something interesting and new about her. Recently, we saw Paris Hilton as she came at a salon in West Hollywood. She fully appeared like a busy business women as she swept into a salon along with a laptop in her arms. Probably she had something to catch up after her vacation in Europe.

The thirty-one year old socialite and television star has just come from Ibiza where she was photographed spending a quality time with her friends in a yacht. She was donning a bright yellow bikini, a black floppy hat and spent time with chatting with friends under the sun and listening to music.

It appeared that she was really delighted to be joined by her friends and their kids. Earlier, she tweeted: :’On my friend’s yacht with all their kids. So cute! Between the ages of 4 & 8 & know the words to every ?#EDM? song blasting from my Iphone.’

Another tweet says: ‘Another beautiful day in ?#Ibiza?! About to go on the yacht with my girls & lay out, relax and swim. ?#LoveLife.’
At present, Paris is attempting to make a DJ career. Recently, she made her debut as a professional at the Sao Paula Music Festival, Brazil.

Recently, while speaking to a leading entertainment channel, she told that she has so much fun while playing at the pop festival. She was really happy to get the crowd’s reaction to her set. Every person in that party was dancing and she felt nice after controlling the party. She also added that she is concentrating on her 2nd album. A close source said that she is working with LMFAO, David Guetta and Flo Rida. The album is expected to be released this summer.