Paris Hilton ft. Lil Wayne – “Good Time” Music Video Preview

Paris Hilton Video clip Ranking: 3 / five

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  1. Terrible autoik

  2. Club banger? Nooo..maybe this would be good for the radios…

  3. auto-tuned as f*ck!

  4. what the fuck is this? This is FUCKING HORRIBLE!!

  5. Couldn’t have said it better myself. People hear her name and it’s an
    automatic dislike. So stupid.

  6. i think it had potential! i guarantee if Paris’ name wasn’t on it and the
    label just said afrojack people wouldn’t complain as much 😉

  7. Eooooo no, no and no!!

  8. then why the fuck are you watching THIS video? stupid bitch.

  9. She looks amazing though

  10. lasantha Wijesooriya


  11. There is a huge difference between a Katy Perry song and this tripe. I
    don’t care much for Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus or any of the pop stars out
    at the moment, I think their music is of pretty poor quality, but anyone
    with half a brain can tell this song is a huge step down from the already
    low standards of pop music today. Hilton obviously can’t sing, evident from
    how bad she sounds even after all the pitch correction, distortion and
    effects that have been added, and the song just plain sucks.

  12. untalented piece of shit…

  13. awful.

  14. Denilson Tunechii

    Lil Wayne <3

  15. it’s so coooool to hear this song, i like it!!!

  16. nevertheless, katy perry and paris hilton both suck hard. and not opinion
    wise, but musically and text wise.

  17. cyanideSatelliteX

    she’s a loser. Hasn’t done a single productive thing in her life.

  18. Emissocoolitaintfunn


  19. A this is a good signing for cash money for real lol and I don’t even like
    p.Hilton Lol let’s talk about it at @bagsby04 Twitter I have no pic right
    now but I follow back

  20. Cool love u parisss

  21. fuck this bitchhhh

  22. vi o clipe e na minha opinião , até Britney Spears e Selena Gomez consegue
    ser 10 vezes melhor .

  23. Isn’t she like 32, I thought she’s be successful and have a family by now
    but I guess I was wrong

  24. I love Katie

  25. if rihanna or britney spears sang the exact same song, people would love
    it. you just dont like paris.