Paris Hilton on ‘Yolanthe op 3’

Paris Hilton Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. All you bitches be like Oh Paris is so dumb Paris is so ugly! In the
    meantime Paris be living in her huge mansion, making millions and laughing
    at all of you trailer trash jealous bitches. 

  2. Yolanthe kan echt geen engels

  3. TheRomanZolanski

    What I dont get is,
    how did 2000 guests become 500 guests in like, 30 sec??

  4. Baronvonstars TR

    why does these miserable golddigsters and attentionwhores earn millions
    anyway what a disgrease go kill yourself pls

  5. 4:16 hahahahahahahahha

  6. I’d just like to quote a documentary I saw on youtube and say that Paris
    Hilton (as Yolanthe) is a parasitic whore. Some of us are wealthy and lazy
    but she (they) takes it to the extreme. Why do we idolize these people and
    give them our attention?

  7. Elórin Duvain

    whatever, i love paris.

  8. Welmoed Elzinga

    Yolanthe is way prettier than paris

  9. yolanthe haar engels.. beschamend

  10. She doesnt like camera in her house? in thay house were more people than
    lives in china

  11. Het weinige beetje respect dat ik nog voor Yolanthe had is nu helemaal weg.

  12. Welmoed Elzinga

    Paris is not ugly but Yolanthe has got a prettier face bigger ass en bigger

  13. Haha wat een dom element die paris 

  14. omg what a house…..

  15. Like Bricktop say’s in Snatch: “pull your tongue out of my arse, you’re not
    a dog are you?”

  16. i love this bitch jajajaja

  17. 10 minutes of my life, I cna’t get back.

  18. the song*

  19. de interview is so bad haha Entertaining to watch anyway !


  21. She is so sweet I LOVE PARIS

  22. I want to smak that assssss

  23. I like how she speaks now. It’s really refined, and grown up. She looks
    good. 🙂

  24. Parris hiltooooooooon let me stay in THE dogg house i m frommel shit Holland

  25. Yolanthe zou ik ( ech waar) kei en kei hard in haar heerlijke ass willen