Paris Hilton said to be dating 18 year old Australian model

Paris Hilton, the elegant 33 year old American socialite, songstress and DJ is said to have been dating the young Australian model Jordan Barrett who is just 18 years of age. It is said that despite being a 15 year old difference between them, they have been hanging around together for quite some time also discovering that they have a lot in common between them.

The shutterbugs had captured Hilton leaving a famous Milan nightclub as well as attending a fashion show with this teenaged model. Jordan Barrett, a resident of Gold Coast Australia is said to be the son of Adrian Barrett, a drug dealer who had been sentenced to eight years of imprisonment in 2013 for the trafficking of marijuana. He has however been presently released on parole.

The young model who was with the American heiress at the Milan fashion week and other places has uploaded a lot of photos on the social sites with Hilton. Certain other images captured by different sources have also shown them getting intimate while leaving a club. A close friend of Jordan refusing to reveal identity told an Australian newspaper that the latter had confessed of dating Hilton off and on. Barrett’s friends have described him to be free-spirited and a party animal.

Hilton, the lady of the talk, has not confirmed of dating the teenaged Australian model in public. Her representative however says it to be mere gossip. Hilton at present is shaping up her career as a celebrity DJ.

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