Paris Hilton – The Good, the Bad…and the Naughty

Paris Hilton Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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  1. Eres una diva PARIS

  2. i wish i had that life with a nice name and beauty
    that allows me to have any business i want
    better then being disabled on ssi which sucks

  3. platinumblondebiatch

    i wanna be bffs with her two so i can bask in her fame, money, funm, beauty and braid that blonde hair, and brush those beautiful extensions.

  4. CasanovaCupcake

    well, I mean, she’s done a helluva lot more charities than most celebrities these days, and I’m not saying I like her, but I do have to give her the cred,
    she actually did really good in the role of Amber Sweet in “Repo! The Genetic Opera” which is my favorite movie and she really did alot of justice to the original actress, most people just hate her because shes a rich Heiress ergo: bitch. but honestly, I don’t blame her because she’s rich, if I had that money, i’d go insanely power hungry XD

  5. She is so HOT!!! I ♥ HER!!! Did you saw her Sextape? You gotta see it, believe me. For hungry eyes, the link to the free uncensored version is in my channel 🙂

  6. She’s hot… I like her… =)

  7. lililovesmiles

    this video sorry but it’s horrible and paris hilton is also horrible i hate this sorry

  8. yeah…………she is a fucking bitch with no brain in her head…..

  9. If it wasn’t for the sextape Paris wouldn’t be world famous. I wish Rick would’ve just kept the goddamn tape to himself so we wouldn’t have to deal with her everyday.

  10. Enkil60, please enlighten me, exactly how much more is she? What is one credible, selfless, or meaningful act that she has done in her career? What hard work has she had to put forth to get where she is? Please, how much more is she? I would really love to know.

  11. Do you think Paris will be executed in Dubai if she misbehaves – i am soooo worried about her! I hope she finds a new bff!! take care Paris!

  12. Wow, what a reportage about Paris Hilton. More unimportant stuffs mentioned. “Cheap” research. Probably made by people who know her based on the Paris Hilton image fabricated by the media. No understand of who she really is.

    Paris is so much more than that!