Police is Probing Death Threats against Paris Hilton

Although Paris Hilton wore a lovely smile on the face when she turned up at the LAX Airport on December 1, the hotel heiress seems to be having a tough time.

The 33-year-old actress, who was brought up a Roman Catholic, has been threatened. Paris as well as her father Rick has been threatened on Facebook and Instagram by an anti-Semitic man. The stalker has also posted numerous abusive messages to them. The Police are currently investigating the threats after the Hiltons supposedly received those posts. The stalker wrongly believes that Hiltons are Jewish and he will kill them for fun.

The suspect utilized Facebook and Instagram to post threatening messages to Rick Hilton. The man posted that Paris will be killed within a month and in another message, he threatened to beat Paris and Rick to unconscious. The suspect has also threatened about sexually assaulting the 33-year-old actress. The threats have prompted the Hiltons to lodge complaints with the LAPD. The Police Department has reportedly obtained warrants for the man’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. It’s also believed that the cops have identified the suspect. Therefore, the arrest of the suspect could be imminent.

Although the Hiltons are not Jewish, anti-Semitism has been a serious concern throughout history. It is considered the oldest hatred in this world. It should be noted that this isn’t the only time the actress has been targeted. The hotel heiress received a 45-day imprisonment term in May 2007. Prior to the start of her jail term, she was inundated with numerous threats from the inmates. Paris has admitted that she’s very scared at the moment.

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