SKINNY: Paris Hilton is Back With A New Carls Jr. Commerical

Paris Hilton Video Ranking: three / 5

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  1. Ben shouldn’t play batman. The worst choice ever 

  2. Like the Bentleys, like the burgers, like the bitches !!! OH YEA,,,,,,,,,

  3. Shes ugly lol fucking slut xd not a fan of her she made me cry when the kid

  4. When I first saw the thumbnail I thought Paris was gigi gorgeous.

  5. OMG shes so FUCKING UGLY! Kill it! Kill it with FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. fuck you nobody cares

  7. Yes because this seems like need to know news

  8. Oliver McDonnell

    please can a huge meteorite impact with the earth!

  9. Real informative +ABC News Youre giving @tmz a real run for their money!
    With all this great celebrity news who could care about the border crisis,
    the ground invasion on Gaza or the (fake) war on
    drugs/terror/whatever they can think of to violate our constitutional
    rights and control the masses

  10. Paris totally ruined this commercial, the other girl is so hot. Paris looks
    like Spud Mackenzie

  11. BellinghamsterTrail

    You gotta wonder what it is that creates the little demon inside Aleck
    He is somebody that has it all yet he is as miserable as anyone anywhere I
    have ever seen. It has to be that he focuses exclusively on the bad things
    in life so to him that is all there is.

  12. She sticks those burgers in her vagina? What a fucking whore.

  13. FYI no one likes this spoiled DO NOTHING NO TALENT birdface

  14. Yep ! Bikini supermodels always eat garbage like that 0_o

  15. This male anchor is smokin HOT!

  16. time to blow, what? ;)

  17. “I don’t understand mixing sex & food”? Wow. What a dumb news anchor! Sex
    has always been used to sell everything since the beginning of time. When
    guys see a hot girl on TV, they pay close attention and then suddenly BAM
    like that they just payed closed attention to Carl’s Jr’s main agenda, to
    sell the damn burger, then they go and get the burger. Duh!

  18. Hanna Ferguson needs her holes gaped and spat in.

  19. Commerical?

  20. Hidden Valley Ranch

    Queen of pop!

  21. I love Paris Hilton.

  22. Speaking of blowing? Was that on the TelePrompTer?

  23. some reason i always think all blondes look the same.

  24. That anchor chic is cute!!!