Stars Are Blind- Paris Hilton (lyrics)

Paris Hilton Video clip Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. OmnipresentPazuzu

    I used to play GTA as a j d, and thus would be my radio song as I killed
    people XD.
    Litved every second of it haha

  2. shastapurpledaisy

    This song was part of a remix I listen to so I keep expecting a upbeat
    version of lonely to come on

  3. This is such a good song, would have been so much popular if it wasn’t sang
    by Paris Hilton because people perceive her badly 

  4. linda música es lo único que hizo bien paris

  5. Darling Feesago

    ftw shes alg nd hur lyrics got meaning, caught hur drift churr,

  6. this sounds like hayden panettiere’s song wake up call. :S who copied who?

  7. i like it…good job girls/guys…

  8. paris is so ptitty and cool i also like her songs people just say meen
    things cuz of roomers

  9. emmaandkailey356

    you are so right

  10. i love her songs but she is the biggest bitch in this world!! But her songs
    are great!!!!!!!!

  11. Why u hate Paris Hilton so much,althought i know the news but i forgot it
    already can u tell me?

  12. daddysspoiledprinces

    luv it

  13. MaiteAKAShyGirl

    luv the song

  14. narutoschick145

    it just makes u sway in the wind

  15. sorry bcuz of that stupid comment….

  16. They say that she went to jail well do you bielive that well I’m not sure!

  17. looove paris. <3

  18. God, Do you think paris wrote this song? Anyways its just a song. Dont
    blame her for something she sang, She didnt even write this song, shes just
    singing it!

  19. torture

  20. well i like boys who tell the truth like that. and i think that is
    romantic. if u do message me P.S.

  21. you know you lovee it because you watched it daa

  22. i never rly listened 2 the lyrics wen this 1st came out but now that i

  23. outrocketuniversal chann

    wats wrong wiv it

  24. I think Paris is physically gorgeous, but it annoys me that she says, “Some
    people never get over their stupid pride”. She, unfortunatley, has a lot of
    stupid pride.