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May 15

Paris Hilton speaks about meeting Scouse fans in Liverpool

Paris Hiltons last tour to the city of Liverpool might have been a bit low-key, but now the Hilton heiress is set to make the most of her time on the Merseyside. The heiress, who is also a DJ now, is planning her next trip to Liverpool, where she would be pushing her new scent and meeting her Scouse fans.

But Hilton also told that she is expecting to see Penny Lane as well as some of the other places related with Paul, George, Ringo and John, of course factor in a place of shopping. She told them that she has not been in the city since the year April, 2008. Therefore, she is very excited to return and see people again.

Of course, she is speaking about the time she dumped the plush suites of Liverpools best dockside hotels and she checked into the #45 per night Lord Nelson Hotel. Hilton was seeing her Good Charlotte buddy Benji Madden – who is now the husband of Cameron Diaz – perform at the Liverpool Carling Academy. Continue reading →

Apr 15

Paris Hilton | Universal Music Group’s 2015 Grammy After Party | Red Carpet

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Mar 15

Thousands sign petition to remove DJ Paris Hilton from Summerfest 2015

Thousands and thousands of techno fans are more than fired up at the prospect of dealing with one night with Paris Hilton at a music fest in Milwaukee this summer. Scores of people have already put a sign in the petition to get rid of Paris Hilton from her headlining gig at the 2015 Summerfest, terming her DJ set “a middle finger to anyone who paid to go this festival”

One of the petitioner told that they claim to be one of the top music fests in the United States. But then they go ahead and hire someone like Paris Hilton. While another told that she is a disgrace to dance music and she is the perfect example of what spoiled celebs do when they are bored.

By Friday, over four thousand three hundred people have signed the petition arguing that the Hilton heiress has no right to be paid good just toe stand up there and clap her hands on the stage. The petition said that the they are paying her could be paid to hire other credible DJs who actually work hard on their craft. If Hilton has any respect for dance music she would step down as she is clearly not worthy. Continue reading →

Mar 15

Paris Hilton on ‘Yolanthe op 3’

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Feb 15

Behind the scenes of The Celebrity Styler by Paris Hilton by VHG

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Jan 15

Paris Hilton said to be dating 18 year old Australian model

Paris Hilton, the elegant 33 year old American socialite, songstress and DJ is said to have been dating the young Australian model Jordan Barrett who is just 18 years of age. It is said that despite being a 15 year old difference between them, they have been hanging around together for quite some time also discovering that they have a lot in common between them.

The shutterbugs had captured Hilton leaving a famous Milan nightclub as well as attending a fashion show with this teenaged model. Jordan Barrett, a resident of Gold Coast Australia is said to be the son of Adrian Barrett, a drug dealer who had been sentenced to eight years of imprisonment in 2013 for the trafficking of marijuana. He has however been presently released on parole. Continue reading →

Jan 15

Paris Hilton On The Hottest Music Videos of 2013 | What’s Trending LIVE

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Dec 14

SKINNY: Paris Hilton is Back With A New Carls Jr. Commerical

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Dec 14

Police is Probing Death Threats against Paris Hilton

Although Paris Hilton wore a lovely smile on the face when she turned up at the LAX Airport on December 1, the hotel heiress seems to be having a tough time.

The 33-year-old actress, who was brought up a Roman Catholic, has been threatened. Paris as well as her father Rick has been threatened on Facebook and Instagram by an anti-Semitic man. The stalker has also posted numerous abusive messages to them. The Police are currently investigating the threats after the Hiltons supposedly received those posts. The stalker wrongly believes that Hiltons are Jewish and he will kill them for fun.

The suspect utilized Facebook and Instagram to post threatening messages to Rick Hilton. The man posted that Paris will be killed within a month and in another message, he threatened to beat Paris and Rick to unconscious. The suspect has also threatened about sexually assaulting the 33-year-old actress. The threats have prompted the Hiltons to lodge complaints with the LAPD. The Police Department has reportedly obtained warrants for the man’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. It’s also believed that the cops have identified the suspect. Therefore, the arrest of the suspect could be imminent.

Although the Hiltons are not Jewish, anti-Semitism has been a serious concern throughout history. It is considered the oldest hatred in this world. It should be noted that this isn’t the only time the actress has been targeted. The hotel heiress received a 45-day imprisonment term in May 2007. Prior to the start of her jail term, she was inundated with numerous threats from the inmates. Paris has admitted that she’s very scared at the moment.

Dec 14

Stars Are Blind- Paris Hilton (lyrics)

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